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Empowered and Inspired Vulnerable Communities

Claire Aid Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization in Jos, Nigeria, officially institutionalised in early 2022, with RC175906.

Our Foundation has been at work since 2019 under the name of our pilot project- Jebbu Miango Reads. Claire Aid Foundation is made up of individuals who are passionate about empowering people and mending broken lives and communities. We are passionate about Quality Education, No poverty, Good health and well-being. The UN SDGs 4, 1, and 3 respectively.

Here’s a quick overview of our history to help you understand who we are and the work we do.


Quality education

Trauma Healing

Community Development

help is our main goal!

To reach out to vulnerable communities with basic education, community development strategies, counselling and trauma healing services.

meet our team

Lead Coordinator and founder

Kangyang Gana

director of finance

bitrus gana

director of research and development

Emmanuel bot

director of programs

nenkinan deshi

director of programs

balpolam idi

project officer

butbyen apollos

project officer

precious gokum

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we've reached more than 3,000 people since founding.

IIn 2019, Bitrus and Kangyang Gana moved into Jebbu Miango Community. Shortly after, Kangyang, stirred by her desire to teach children the bible, began bible lessons for the children in the community. She made a critical observation during this period and discovered that the children could not read. Kangyang decided to address the problem and started by inviting some of the older kids to reading classes. They turned up and soon enough, their younger ones and friends were trooping to the Gana’s house on Sundays. As time went on, different children of different ages, strengths and levels of learning showed up for this basic literacy class, and with the increasing numbers, Kangyang made public her work and asked for people to join in. We believe that our team of about forty (40) passionate young people, volunteering in both Claire Aid Foundation and Jebbu Miango Reads were personally handpicked and assembled by God.