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Claire Aid Foundation is changing the lives of people through various outreaches that are capital intensive to execute. Your donation will increase our impact.

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A Message From Our Founder

After moving to Jebbu Miango in 2019, we were confronted with a problem that we could not shy away from. Our neighbours had a need for basic amenities. Although we did not have all the wealth in the world, we knew we could give our time and little resources. Today, we have seen many others join us in this vision. So far, we have intervened in the following areas.



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Claire Aid Foundation is more a story of individuals taking simple steps of obedience to God and growing in service of King and country and less of a long conceived dream. And a story of God sent donors and supporters who God is using to heal our world. Join us today and we hope you find your Claire Story. Watch our Lead Coordinator tell her Claire Story

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    Support the weekly runnings of Jebbu Miango Reads Classes


    Support the construction of the Jebbu Miango Community Library

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    The weekly classes at Jebbu Miango Bassa where we teach school children on different subjects. Each week we have hundreds of students. 

    Volunteer for our Summer School Project in partnership with Arm the Child Foundation which will run from 29th July to 23rd August 2024. We need teachers in Maths, English, Civic Education, Climate Education and Digital and Financial Literacy. We also need Sports Personnel, Media (Content Creators, Photographers and Videographers) and Skill Acquisition Tutors.

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    Family Strengthening Program

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    AT CAF, We Believe Strongly In Prayers And We Invite You To Join Us In Prayer​

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    We've reached 3000+ people through various outreaches in vulnerable communities.