Teaching For September 5th

Hello Friends, Partners and Supporters

Happy New Month!!! September started on a high note for us at class yesterday and we are so excited for the months ahead! The years end is fast approaching and for this we are grateful to God!

Our classes held on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Today and more and more children are trooping in glory in God! This week our character trait is blessing and our verse is Genesis 12:2b. We pray for you that the Abrahamic blessings will follow you in Jesus name!

We’re grateful for your support that keeps us going. Your priceless donations keep our operations running week in and week out. We encourage you to not grow tired. Your watering is going to be a part of our collective bountiful harvest! Also remember to keep praying for Jebbu Miango and her security. Thank you!


Zenith Bank

Claire Aid Foundation

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